Michelle Keegan's big hair day.

Our number girl crush is Michelle Keegan, and can you blame us? She is stunning! The boys in the salon are also big fans (obvs). And we’ve just seen pics of her looking gorgeous, as always. She could wear a black sack and still look amazing. What do you think of her new big hair? We love it. If you fancy a change from short to thick and long, we’ve got beautiful Great Lengths extensions. Call us on 01702 330707.

Amelia Condon

Zayn Malik tgoes all blonde

Ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik has caused a frenzy amongst his fans by posting a picture of his new lighter hair colour. Zayn showed off his blonder locks on Instagram on Monday while soaking up the sun, using the caption: ‘Sun is shining, the weather is good.’ The worldwide star received many compliments, and nearly three million likes, from fans gushing over his hair, which is a messy quiff in the pic- ‘Blondie is back’, ‘Blonde zayn is awesome.’ Fancy going blonder? Our experienced stylists in the salon can help! 01702 330707.

Jane Smith
Michelle Keegan (Image: ICelebTV)

Getting First-Class Curls After Washing Your Hair

Washing and diffusing curly hair can take up a lot of time, which we oftentimes don’t have – especially in the morning. The alternative to that usually is letting your curls air-dry. This however, leaves me with frizzy hair and almost no volume. This is why I’ve tried another method lately. The past few weeks I’ve washed my curls in the evening right before I went to bed. I’ve done that before, but wasn’t really happy with the results, so I changed a few things about it. Fancy doing the same? Ask our stylists during your next visit.

Samantha Black